Friday, September 9, 2011


Hurricane Irene traveled up the East Coast last week. It hit my area around Saturday and Sunday August 27th and 28th. Thankfully we didn't have damages where we were. The worst parts of the hurricane seemed to skip over my town but areas like Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Vermont had bad flooding. We were very blessed to have been spared.

My grandmother and I waited a couple of days to see how the hurricane would affect our trip to Maine. We also didn't want to burden my cousin and her fiancé by overstaying our visit.

We left Thursday and the GPS had us going on and off of 95 several times. We got there in 10 hours. Mom Mom was upset about that so on the way back we took 95 straight down and it took us 13 grueling hours full of traffic jams and rain to get home. We arrived home late Tuesday night.

We ate at DiMillo's, a floating restaurant

*Update: Since so many people are finding this blog while searching for DiMillo's: It was a beautiful restaurant. Don't order the crab cakes! Too much breading. I've had better crab cakes at Ruby Tuesday's. The chowder however was wonderful.

The view from DiMillo's upper deck was stunning

The Portland Headlight. The last time I was here was probably 14 years ago.

Stacey was a great hostess. She took us to Cabella's where we looked at stuffed mountain goats and camping gear. They also had a fun arcade area. Her fiancé Adam's family was amazing. They took us out on their boat and we played dice together and had dinner at their home. They also gave us unrefined honey from their son's hive. We ate fresh lobster, went swimming, but most importantly we spent time with Stacey. I hadn't seen her much in the past 16 years. Maine is beautiful and I will try to go back much sooner.