Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So, I lost my job.

Things haven't been spectacular lately. I haven't been blogging because I DON'T - WANT - TO - SAY - IT. I am losing my job. I am also most likely moving in with my grandmother and father. I went through a depression after receiving the news. The depression just happened to fall during my vacation. Staycation really, I was hoping to not spend any money and just travel around the area and visit friends. I ended up staying home most days and feeling like crap. I'm doing better now, but telling coworkers I am leaving and have no plans is really hard. We will see what opens up for me.

Other events that have passed:

My great-aunt passed away about a month ago. We had a life celebration for her Saturday. It was a large family gathering and we were loud, funny and irreverent as usual. I looked around and realized if my friends met my extended family they would know where I got it from. Besides getting to spend time with family, my favorite part was when my cousin drove my grandmother's "new" sports car. He would drive slowly when other cars were around and then HIT THE GAS when they were gone. It's a super fast car and it has a really loud muffler. We laughed the entire time.

0-60 in... I don't know, but it was fast.

There was a tea party at Andrew's family's bed and breakfast. Everyone got their own pot of tea and Wayne performed magic tricks.  

Sister Pearson was Wayne's assistant for this flying table trick. She is so stylish.

There were so many kinds of tea. It was outrageous.

The missionaries drinking herbal tea.


A look at the conservatory


Christine's sister Megan. Everyone wore beautiful dresses.

We all know I love food! Too bad I didn't get to eat most of it.

In Other News:

We can't bend over in our house without this happening.