Friday, October 7, 2011


After 7.5 years of MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, EMGs, EKGs, and more I finally found a doctor who found something significant. I had gone to a podiatrist previously and she agreed that my legs were tight. She did X-rays on my feet and told me the tightness in my legs was causing tendons to be pulled which moved bones in my feet. It was good to hear that there was proof that something was wrong, since most people don't believe me. If a doctor can't diagnose anything, especially for years, the person complaining of ailments seems like a liar. OBVIOUSLY if you went to a doctor they would find out what's wrong, right?

I went to an orthopaedic doctor weeks ago who did a lower back MRI to search for spinal stenosis. He thought the burning in my legs might be caused by a tightened area of my spine. As it turns out, there are fat tumors on or in my spine. Of course Dr. N refused to tell me where, how large, or how many there were. He said it wasn't his area and I needed to see a neurosurgeon.

I had a giant breakdown and went to McDonald's. Emotional eaters like me need things like cheeseburgers to combat tumors. I let friends and family know what was going on and they were extremely supportive and caring. A lot of people said they were praying for me, which made me feel better.

Instead of going to a neurosurgeon I went to a spine doctor. Dr. K asked me a lot of questions and did an X-ray. He told me I was fine and sent me away. I told him I had been having upper back problems and needed an MRI there too but he didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I couldn't believe it. I am sure doctor N would not tell me I needed to see a neurosurgeon if I was fine. I am going to get a second opinion whenever I feel more upbeat about it. If Dr. K is right and the tumors aren't causing problems, WHAT IS?!

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